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WISD board embers Gina Fulkerson, Vicki McCuistion and Ken Strange take oaths to office. (Courtesy photo)

Dripping Springs Lady Tiger sophomore Kayla Morrison (right) drives against New Braunfels Lady Unicorn senior Amanda Gonzales (left) during the Dripping Springs ISD basketball tournament on Nov. 14. (Photo by Moses Leos III)

The Dripping Springs Lady Tiger cross country team, which consists of (left to right) Lightsey Puryear, Mia Haraguchi, Shannon Bonner, Sydney Cole, Alyssa Schroeder and Hannah Moore, takes off from the start of the 5A girls competition at the 2014 UIL state cross country meet in Round Rock Saturday. (photo by Moses Leos III)

The Juan Fernandez firecrown is a vivid red hummingbird restricted to a single island, Isla Robinson Crusoe, off the coast of Chile. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Hall)

Dripping Springs Elementary fifth-graders Liam Collins (left) and Carter Lee work on their “challenge boxes” boxes where student create solutions to problems presented. (Courtesy photo)


Dripping Springs Lady Tiger senior Claire Gravell attacks the ball during a match early in the season. Gravell and the Lady Tigers defeated A&M Consolidated in their return to the UIL state tournament in straight sets. Photo by Wayland Clark/wfotos.com
11/20/2014 - 10:51pm

by Moses Leos III


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